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What is the Best way in 2018 to make Gold

You can start by simply doing daily quest and profession quest that should be enough for your basic needs.
But to earn more gold you need to invest more time, and you can play with the auction house

Make money with Auction House in World of Warcraft

The basic theory is Buy Low Sell High. The other thing to do is to control the market. Buy up all of an item (herbs, metal, etc.) and resell them at a much higher price. It requires some constant commitment though.
Sometimes you will lose money with the method above, there are times you need to cut your losses and move on!

The next Method is Farming and Grinding

Find a spot that works for you and farm clothes or other sellable items that drop.
If you have disenchanting as you profession DC all green items to make some extra money don’t sell them.

Farming with Botting

The next method is risky and you can lose your wow account if you’re using a bot to farm materials or to kill mobs.
This is the only method that requires almost zero of your time you simply turn on the bot and he will make the rest.
The other method we say its better but cost more is to buy cheap wow Gold directly from us.


WoW Powerleveling

Another way to save time and skip farming is so-called wow power levelling its done by hand no bots are used to play on your character until you get your desired level and item levels. This method cost the most from all the above mentions.

Top 10 Methods to Farm Gold before the new Expansion Gets Released

A youtuber made a nice video how to farm gold, watch her 10 methods.